Surveillance Video Shows Fifth Avenue Shooting

Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports
Surveillance Video Shows Fifth Avenue Shooting

Surveillance video from a building near the shooting scene in the 200 block of Fifth Avenue appears to show multiple shots and two shooters.

The video released to WSAZ and WCHS shows two men take cover. Raw video shows they had been working on their car which had the hood up. A white vehicle sets in the alley, an SUV pulls to the side. After a few seconds two individuals who had seemingly waited out of sight  for the apparent target vehicle open fire.

The silent video shows multiple pops of light from two directions that are aimed head on at the SUV. 

After the shooting , a man  carries the injured teen  who suffered a leg wound away from the vehicle. 

Huntington Police evacuated the structure believing that the suspect(s) might still be inside. A search following evacuation of the tenants did not find anyone.

The shooters remain at large. Call 911 or the tip line (304) 696-4444 , if you have information for officers.  


To view the video, click below:

Neighbors interviewed on Thursday Nov. 30 by various media indicate apprehension and strong possibilities of "moving" elsewhere. 



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