Cinema buffs get in bed with the big screen

by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
Cinema buffs get in bed with the big screen

Luxurious cinemas continue adding amenities beyond a comfortable seat. Some allow meals and alcoholic beverages. Some have a theme park styled "shaking" experience. 

But, Russia and Korea have experimented with an ultimate restful, relaxing view of the big screen. Suffice that you must have a snuggle partner for a cinematic slumber party. 

They call it bedroom cinema, imitating the thought of complete comfort for a viewing experience. The video provided shows individual lights by each double bed and the ushers hand out slippers to wear watching the movie. Trays can be used for concessions.

Cinema buffs get in bed with the big screen

The idea has spread to Asian countries , Australia,  as well as two in Europe: London and the Buda Bed Cinema, Budapest, Hungary. One vintage palace styled cinema appears to have adapted to a mixture --- the plush stadium seats go up the stairs and a row of beds go across the front aisle. 

No word on what happens if a viewer falls asleep. Do they charge extra to sleep through the night? 

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