Huntington FOP Approves Two Year Contract

Updated 2 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

FOP Lodge 65 approved a new two year contract with the City of Huntington at their Tuesday night meeting. As required by their bylaws , the contract passed by a two-thirds majority. The FOP represents both current and retired officers.

Capt. Hank Dial, patrol supervisor, told council's Public Safety Committee that highlights include a 2% wage increase, 14 day notice for shift changes, continuation of current city health insurance policy provisions, staffing minimums, and reimbursement up to $500 for replacement of self purchased equipment destroyed in the line of duty.

City Manager Cathy Burns said, "We are grateful for approval of the contract. Going forward we have to know what our responsibilities are."

Burns explained that Mayor Steve Williams was speaking  on a panel at a brownfields conference in Pittsburgh.

In a press release, Williams said:

“Our primary objective in our contract negotiations with FOP Gold Star Lodge 65 was to provide financial security for our law enforcement officers, law enforcement retirees, their families and for city operations,” Mayor Steve Williams said. “This contract that was approved by the FOP accomplishes that objective by providing certainty as it relates to health insurance, retirement and operational costs. Most importantly, it assures our citizens that the city of Huntington will continue to provide the professional, world-class service and protection they expect and deserve.”

The Public Safety Committee recommended that the contract be forward to the full council with a unanimous  favorable recommendation.

Committee chair and council vice chair Vence said, "Now, more than ever, we want  to make sure Cap. Dial has staff level to keep the people  of Huntington  and members of the police department safe."

Passage is contingent on the FOP dropping their current law suit against the city.

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