Activists and Experts Respond to University of Chicago's Celebration of 75th Anniversary of the 1st Atomic Pile

Updated 1 year ago Special to HuntingtonNews.Net
Hear from:  
  • Norma Field, PhD, the Robert S. Ingersoll  Distinguished Service Professor Emerita of Japanese Studies at the University of Chicago
  • NEIS Board Members and Activists, including Gail Snyder, Jan Boudart, Steven Sondheim (NEIS member, Sierra Club Nuclear Free Campaign)
  • Numnutz of the Week (For Nuclear Boneheadedness):
    Fireworks?!?  Shaped like a mushroom cloud?!?  Exploded over the site of the first atomic pile, which led to all the rest of the nuclear madness?!?  Someone needs to explain "mixed metaphor" to those numnutz at the U of C!     Go to
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