Violent Crime Tsunami Results in City of Huntington Action Plan

Updated 2 years ago Edited from City of Huntington Press Release

Captain Hank Dial announced an "action plan" at the Wednesday, Dec. 13, Huntington City Council meeting, which was called after a tsunami of homicides and violent crime in the city.


The action plan provides five points of action:

1) Huntington Police will be supported with a heightened visible presence from the West Virginia State Police.

2) Organize a group of experienced officers from various bureaus, who will be assigned extra duties to supplement the Violent Crimes Unit. This group will consist of proven, motivated and reliable officers due to seriousness.

3) Improved criminal analysis is a necessary element of preventing.

4) Huntington Police met Wednesday with Kenny Burner, Deputy Director of Appalachia High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, the FBI, and DEA about bringing additional federal resources to the city.

5) As the city of Huntington works to reach the funded level of 103 sworn positions, the police department is:

  • a) Hiring 3 new officers in January
  • b) Contacting officers who previously worked at HPD to ascertain whether they are interested in returning
  • c) Contacting recent retirees to ascertain whether they are interested in returning
  • d) Effort recruiting individuals seeking to enter a career of law enforcement as well as recruiting certified police officers.

This plan of action comes after the city of Huntington experienced its 20th homicide this past week.

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