BREAKING: Two Hospitalized After Multiple Shots Fired Wednesday Night

Updated 51 weeks ago Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports
BREAKING: Two Hospitalized After Multiple Shots  Fired Wednesday Night

The tsunami of shots fired violence continued Wednesday, Dec. 13 with at least two injured during what appears connected incidents that began at 10:30 p.m.  Multiple shots burst upon an intersection at Ninth Avenue and 23rd Street. 

One person was taken to the hospital from that location. Huntington Police Captain Hank Dial said the victim has non-life threatening wound to the leg. 

Moments later, a truck rolled over in a crash near West Virginia Electric located at Second Avenue and 20th Street , a half block from Joan C. Edwards Stadium.  A man in the truck had gunshot injuries. He was also taken to the hospital. 

Police believe the man may have been at the scene of the original 'shots fired' call. Neighbors have recounted hearing shots in the teens. 

For the fourth shooting in three days, WV State Police troopers were on scene with HPD. 

Capt. Dial told WSAZ:

"We hope to get this in hand," Captain Hank Dial said. "This is a continuance of our current investigation. Our investigators are looking to see how everything is tied together. We hope to put a stop to it soon."

During the council meeting , Dial said that "groups of suspects" have been identified in response to the violent crime spree. 

Police are currently interviewing the victim/suspects in the incident. 

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