Davis' Recommendations for Attacking the Crime Spree Presented to Council

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Former mayoral candidate Stephen Davis, now a candidate for Cabell County Commission, presented the following recommendations to Huntington City Council concerning reducing the crime spree.

Outside the Box. 

The issue that must be solved first is where to put the criminals and the addicted when they are arrested.
1. We do not have the jail space or the resources to guard them. 
This will need the assistance of the Governor. This is a statewide issue and He is not addressing it. Leaders need to lead, we must force his hand. 
Modular buildings and the National Guard is the quick answer to this. There are approx. 420 guard in the Military Police of the WV National Guard. long term remedies will take better pay for Corrections offices and larger facilities. The National Guard is the short-term answer. 

2. What to do with the addicted when they are arrested or have been revived from an overdose? 
Modular units used for recovery and the National Guard medical staff can be used for this. If someone overdoses they need to be placed in these recovery units until they can make a sound decision. Rehabilitation or Jail. Asking them the next day after being revived is not the answer. All they want is the next fix.
If they choose Jail, we have that solved. If they choose Rehabilitation then we must increase these facilities either state, private or both. State and federal funding must be used for this. 

3. We must get the addicted off the street. This is a revolving door for the suppliers and their local dealers to feed on. 
We must better regulate the rehabilitation centers. They must do better at not allowing the weak of mind to fall prey to the system by simply turning them loose in a neighborhood full of dealers. This is a relapse ready to happen.


We do not have not near enough law enforcement in either the city or the county to control the situation. We can’t hire our way out of this short term. Our officers and Deputies are at great risk to their and the citizens safety being overworked and overtired.
Again, in the short term the Governor can use the National Guard to assist with many duties while our local law enforcement works on the rooting out of the criminals and sorting out the jailing and the rehabilitation. 

Enough show of force will cause the suppliers to soon leave and the trade will begin to dry up. We must be prepared for this by having the facilities ready for the show of force Recovery and Incarceration.

Another avenue is the deputizing by the Sheriff of retired law enforcement and former military or correctional officers to assist in basic peace keeping and administration. This would also supplement our law enforcement efforts.

Once there is a show of force their will be a dramatic change in our streets. Suppliers and dealers are not in the business of going to jail when it has some real punch and losing money or product. 
Understand that this effort will push them out into Wayne and Cabell county from the city in bigger numbers so these efforts need to be coordinated for all three areas thus shoving them out of our communities. 

We can only be responsible for our community’s. We can render aid to t0 others when we secure our own.


This is always the big issue. This is an issue that we must deal with and clearly cuts will need to be made. Moving money from other departments to police is not popular but it must be done. Administrative help needed in the police department can be moved from city hall helping some keep their jobs. 

The truth is we need 125 to 130 HPD officers and cruisers. A fully staffed officer and cruisers including costs r is between $160 to $180 thousand a year. That is a cost between 4 to 4.5 million additional funds to get from 89 to the minimal 111 officers. Looking to the state for assistance as well as the federal government is another move that can help.

The President has issued an emergency declaration regarding the Opioid crisis and we need to ask our Governor to use his influence to seek help for funding.

Long term we must evaluate our needs in Police and Fire and how we fund them. Their will be some pain in other departments. However, if we do not maintain a show of force on our own this will situation simply re occur. 

This is my out of the box effort. I do not take this lightly having watched myself as a small boy The National guard in Montgomery Alabama police the civil rights marches from Selma to Montgomery out my window 

I have worked as a correctional officer and have also dealt with the addicted in my home and know how fatal that can become. So maybe this is not that far out of the box.

I have twice asked our Governor for assistance and he has not answered. I feel that our leadership must echo my request if we are to see the true assistance we need. Our communities our seniors and children are relying on you to lead. I am as well as thousands of citizens are willing to go down this path with you.

Are you willing to lead?
Steven J. Davis 
Chairman Concerned Citizens of Huntington WV

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