Man Dead from Multiple Gunshot Wounds; Warrants Obtained for Guyan Avenue Homicide; Gino Robbery Suspect Arrested

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"Last night was a difficult night," explained Captain  and Acting Police Chief Hank Dial who discussed the intense violent activity on Wednesday night which left a man dead with multiple gun shot wounds at his residence in the 800 block of 25th Street.

The victim has not been identified. 

Dial  during a Thursday news conference said a suspect left the area in a vehicle shortly after the murder. 

Unrelated to last night's shooting incidents , two murder warrants have been obtained for two Michigan men in connection with a murder in November on Guyan Avenue. 

Julius Jenkins, 40, of Detroit, was found dead Nov. 29 in the 2600 block of Guyan Avenue.

The murder warrants are for Katwan Gray, of Detroit, and Deven Graham, of Warren Michigan.  They are considered armed and dangerous. 

In addition, police today, Dec. 14, arrested a St. Albans man for the robbery of the Gino's earlier this week. 

Dial announced that the shooting on Hal Greer Blvd. was connected to the shooting of a teen girl on Fifth Avenue. Otherwise, he stated, the other shootings are not connected. 

"The other shootings not random acts of violence. They were directed toward victims," Dial said. 

Answering a question regarding the violent spike, Dial explained "people involved in the drug trade are shooting other people involved in the drug trade." He emphasized that multiple law enforcement agencies assisting Huntington Police Department "will find out what's going on, give 100% effort, and stop what's going on." 

Although the two warrant issued are for Michigan suspects, Dial admitted and stressed that law enforcement will be arresting law breakers no matter where they call home. 

"I don't pretend for a minute that there are some local suspects. We're looking for criminals... they are from in town and out of town," he said. 

The police captain anticipates more violence. 

"We always anticipate more violence (but ) I hope the warrants and show of force will prevent (it)."

At least six WV State Police officers are assisting HPD , along with officers from the Marshall Police Department and deputies from the Cabell County Sheriff's Department. 

"They are going out seeking suspects (and) watching (certain) people," Dial said. 


Mayor Steve Williams said that "unending force" will be applied on bad guys by law enforcement. He told those responsible to "get out of town. We're coming to put you in jail. We will not rest until we get this under control." 

Answering a question regarding the upsurge in violence and the city's designation as America's Best Community, Williams explained that the award came in a contest "competing with 300 communities (by submitting) a revitalization plan." 

He continued, "Only one city has been conceived as perfect. That's utopia and it does not exist. Real communities address problems head on." 

The $3 million dollar in winnings for its  "America's Best Community" revitalization plan anticipated, in his words, "taking something imperfect and bringing perfection to it."

Huntington has made a host of one at a time, pieces of an elephant chunks at rebuilding the city, such as economic development downtown. 

"If  we don't get drug problems and violence  under control, everything we're doing is at risk," Williams warned. 

Dial refused to discuss possible motives for fear of compromising ongoing investigations. 

During the news conference, Dial tried to downplay the accuracy of scanner traffic and social media posts.

"There are few things in the world more unreliable than scanner traffic," Dial stated. 

Dial has been serving as Acting Police Chief for Joe Ciccarelli who has been on extended medical leave, communications director Bryan Chambers chambers confirmed.


However, this reporter found that the scanner and social media Wednesday night proved relatively accurate regarding basic events. As a thumbnail action, HNN during crisis periods  may post generic information as "unconfirmed" until we receive additional data from official , reliable and unofficial sources. (Note: Unlike "raw" feeds, HNN edits or delays  data to protect law enforcement and on the scene sources.) 



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