46 Employees Sue CSX for Wrongful Termination, Misuse of Medical Records

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46 former employees of CSX Locomotive Shop have filed suit in federal court alleging wrongful termination, insurance fraud, violations of the Family medical leave act, and  exposing their medical records .

Filed Feb 15 by attorney Gregory Paul of Morgan & Paul in Pittsburgh, the plaintiffs include  electricians, boilermakers, carmen, communications maintainers, engineers, firemen/oilers, machine operators, machinists, painters, sheet metal workers, utility workers and welders.

Alleging violations of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, Section 510 of ERISA, FMLA and state violations, the brief summation states: "Termination of employment ,  interference with health benefits and denial of medical leave."

The employees visited one or more doctors and submitted paperwork to CSX. However, CSX ordered disciplinary hearing and submitted health information to the Railroad Retirement Board alleging that they had sought treatment for "highly suspicious" injuries and the physicians kept patients off work longer than necessary. 

The case is styled Justin Adkins, et. al v. CSX Transportation, Inc. and CSX Corporation, et. al. 18-cv-00321.


  1. Civil Cover Sheet (158.82 KB)
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