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 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PeerLogix, Inc. (the "Company") (“We”) (OTCQB: LOGX), the established standard for tracking non-subscription based Over-the-Top (“OTT”) engagement data, announced select weekly estimates for the week ending February 25th, 2018, as compiled by the company’s proprietary measurement services.

PeerLogix is the established standard for tracking non-subscription based over-the-top viewership data of television, movies, and listeners of music around the world. Reports of on-going usage and specific shows and media are available directly from the company and made available to partners upon engagement.

Walt Disney’s “Thor Ragnarok” was first as the top streamed movie with a leading 343 thousand hours streamed across al major and mid-major markets, with Walt Disney’s “Coco” in second with 294 thousand hours streamed. A24’s “Lady Bird,” “The Disaster Alert” and Paramount’s “Daddy’s Home 2,” round out the top five with 270, 247 and 242 thousand hours streamed, respectively.

Rank Movie Distribution Co. Hours Streamed (000)
1 Thor Ragnarok Walt Disney Studios 343
2 Coco Walt Disney Studios 294
3 Lady Bird A24 270
4 The Disaster Artist A24 247
5 Daddy's Home 2 Paramount 242

Trends in binge-watching continue to be a more prominent part of consumers’ video consumption habits and represent the most engaged viewers amongst audiences. Looking at binge watching results is important as it represents an evolution in viewing habits away from the weekly cadence of traditional linear television – providing an alternative standpoint by which to assess advertising decisions as binge-watched content is often in ad-free environments.

NBC’s “The Blacklist,” tops our Binge Watched viewership chart this week with 58 thousand hours streamed, while The CW’s “The Flash” came in second with 41 thousand hours streamed. AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” ABC’s “Modern Family” and Fox’s “Lucifer,” round out the top 5 with 34, 28 and 25 thousand hours streamed, respectively.

Rank Programming Network Hours Streamed (000)
1 The Blacklist NBC 58
2 The Flash The CW 41
3 The Walking Dead AMC 34
4 Modern Family ABC 28
5 Lucifer Fox 25

Usage rates by country are an important gauge of both overall digital media adoption and the growing demand for American media in international markets and can serve to guide investment decisions for both the Media and Information Technology Industries.

Looking across the Atlantic to the European market, we find that ABC’s “Modern Family” is tops for total streaming hours for all television content in Europe while The CW’s “Riverdale” is another popular selection. It should be noted that Modern Family was also a top selection in the domestic USA market, while Riverdale has yet to appear as a top watched series in the USA – continuing to highlight the diversity shown in consumers’ media preferences across markets.