Huntington's Financials Remain on Track through January

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Huntington's Financials Remain on Track through January

City Manager Cathy Burns told Huntington Council's two attending members of the Administration and Finance Committee that through January, the city's revenues are an on target 58% (of fiscal year projections) and expenses are 54%. The Huntington Police Department is at 56% and the Huntington Fire Department is at 57%.

Burns told committee members Joyce Clark and Carol Polan that "there's a few over in public works," but due to weather conditions they tend to fluctuate. 

Committee members Alex Vence, Jennifer Wheeler and Charles McComas were not present. 

At the start of the committee meeting, chair Joyce Clark deemed matters "time sensitive."

In other business, the two members voted favorably to forward all items to the full council. Development and Planning Director Charles Lemley withdrew a lease agreement with Marshall University Physicians & Surgeons reserving a right to bring it up at a later date.

Lemley told the committee that the city had received a $350,000 planning grant for revitalization of Northcott Court.

Joyce Clark, chairperson, stressed, as did Lemley, "there are no hard plans yet."  Clark added there  "a lot of miscommunication." 

Lemley called the planning grant a "big win for Huntington," as only six were awarded, including many large cities such as Los Angeles. 

The fund must be spent within two years. At that time, Lemley said, the city could apply for an "implementation" grant for construction. 

He added, "It's not wise to go after funds until planning is complete."

Lemley explained that the sidewalk/ramp accessibility funds would coincide with "where we pave." 

Council woman Rebecca Thacker told the committee she was "happy" with the plan and wished that "more could be done."

Committee member Carol Polan asked that the plan be tweaked so as to emphasize "curb cuts near schools," which is for her "imperative."

Lemley agreed to revisit the plans to see if cuts near any schools could be added.

The committee approved emergency equipment (cages, mounts, etc.) for five previously purchased police vehicles and Tri-State Eyecare submitted the low bid for vision care for city employees and retirees. 

The agenda as first written included: 

1. Ordinance: Contract to Furnish Labor, Materials & Equipment for Altamont Drive Retaining Wall

2. Resolution: FY 2017 Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant on behalf of the City of Huntington

3. Resolution: Contract to Furnish Labor, Materials & Equipment for Sidewalks and Ramps within the City of Huntington

4. Resolution: Lease Agreement with University Physicians and Surgeons, Inc.  WITHDRAWN

5. Resolution: Contract to Furnish the Huntington Police Department with Emergency Equipment for (5) New Vehicles previously Purchased

6. Contract to Provide City with a Vision Care Program 

The meeting was shifted from before the 7:30 p.m. council meeting until ten minutes after to allow visitation by members of Charlie McComas' wife, who passed away. 

Curiously, Clark adjourned the meeting without a formal motion, then, asked that the clerk terminate the public TV feed. Clark, Polan and Thacker were still seated. 

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