An Open Letter to the #MeToo Victims

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by L. G. Gibson

        Over the years, I have spoken with countless sexual abuse victims. It is as if we all have that day or period in time frozen in our minds. The trauma of what happened to us made such a huge memory in our brains that it is as if nothing else will ever match it. 

      Many times in my life, I have shouted to myself, "I'm going to be all right! I am going to be all right! I have to be all right!" Those words would blast off of my tongue as a declaration not only for me but for all of heaven and hell that needed to hear it. I knew that if I did not stand I would crumble into a million pieces. My heart was already shattered, and my mind was fragmented. Faith was the glue that held me together. I was not sure when or how, but I knew in my heart that God had a way to fix me. What I did not know was that God had a plan to make me "brand new."

      Healing from abuse and erasing those sickening images in your mind does not require heavy prescriptions or hours on a therapy couch.  It is very simple. As a victim of sexual abuse myself, and having helped hundreds of victims heal, I can promise you it will not take any more faith to have your mind and broken heart healed than it would for you to ask Jesus into your life and believe in Him.

      Your Creator has a better plan for your life than what you have experienced. I don't care how bad things seem, if we focus on the goodness of God and the truth, our dark clouds begin to roll away. You can be set free from the shame and fear that holds you captive. 

      Jeremiah 29:11 says, "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."

      The prison doors that have bound you will be opened even as you read His Word. When you seek after the wholeness that is through Him, He will make you brand new.

    While we are here at this Easter season, a different traumatic event comes to my mind. What was done for us at the cross at Calvary does not even compare to our traumas, hurts, and experiences. Christ meant to overshadow our pain and sorrow with His suffering. He covered it all for us. When we accept what He did for us at the cross, we not only have our sin covered, but a way for our mental, emotional, and physical healing.


L.G. Gibson is the author of "Through Tears and Sugar Cubes: A Guide to Healing from Sexual Abuse."
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