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Paul Ryan (R-WI) will soon be adding “Former” to the title of Speaker of the US House of Representatives.  After  serving for 28 years, Ryan made an announced Wednesday  that not only will he not seek to return as Speaker, but in fact is not running for re-election to Congress all together.

So what could all this mean for the GOP lead Congress? Could this be considered the beginning of the end of the majority rule or could it actually help the GOP with races this fall?

By default, this opens up a race for the next Speaker of the House and without notice that this was coming, two people are already speculated to be interested: House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise (R-LA) and House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

In order for either of these two to have a chance they will have to get involved in other races across the country to include fundraising and campaigning in order to win favor with what would be next session’s Freshman Congressional members as well as helping current members with re-election campaigns.

The question every voter should be asking the candidates running for the US House in their respective districts should be, “Who do you plan on supporting for Speaker?” because that vote in itself could be one of the most important votes that they cast next session. It will determine the tone, agenda and bills that will be brought before the floor as well as assignments to committees and leadership posts.

Arguably, this could bring attention to sleepy races that otherwise would not get the funding and attention needed in order to close the gap and help the GOP maintain their majority in the fall.

According to Gallup, Congressional approval rating has slipped to one of the lowest point since President Trump has taken office and Ryan’s departure could also signal as being a good time to depart before unrelenting investigations continue to surface.

On the other hand, this could be a way for Ryan to step back and find was to be involved in up-coming elections and help the former Vice Presidential candidate to work on taking his political career to the next level.

Ryan has a lot to brag about after serving for over two decades: he kept the chamber under control even under some moments of heated debate.  And as fiscal conservative, a proud moment for sure was when he over saw the passage of the largest tax overhaul in US History that went on to be signed by the President.

There is no secret that the relationship between Ryan and President Trump is not exactly moments filled with hand holding and signing Kumbaya. Could Ryan be seeing this as an opportunity to leave on a high note and perhaps just maybe one can speculate that we will see his name as a presidential candidate come 2020?

For now, the interesting part to watch is who will actually be lining up to run to be our next Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

 By Alex Petre