by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent
And all agencies involved
And all agencies involved

While I am very proud of today's performance by HPD and other agencies that helped and very pleased at the fentanyl that is off the streets and won't kill is going to take many more raids.

From what I'm hearing, dealers are dealing right now. One dealer said, "Just look around  and make sure you don't see anything."

While much is being made of the Detroit - Huntington I've been saying a lot of heroin users have switched to meth and ice and most of the meth and ice dealers are local Huntington residents.

Yes, there is cause to rejoice.....but let us remember we must keep at it. This was just one battle in the war.

Let us hope some of those arrested give up other people and create a domino effect.

Let us hope today's events inspire others to step forward and help.

Let us also help users were inspired to seek recovery.

Let us hope the glory of today's events continue.

Let God be with our first responders and protect them.