Volunteers Needed to Assist Rapid Response Saturday

Updated 48 weeks ago

The Huntington Quick Response Team will have a Volunteer Day on Saturday, April 21, in an effort to make the community more aware of the services that the team provides. The event will kick off at 9:30 a.m. at Cabell County EMS Headquarters, located at 846 8th Ave.

The Quick Response Team is a multi-agency initiative consisting of the Huntington Police Department, Cabell County EMS and a mental health provider from Recovery Point of Huntington, Prestera Center or the Huntington Comprehensive Treatment Center. Marshall University also provides ongoing monitoring and assessment that allows team members to make adjustments to their response efforts based on data collection and through analysis.

The QRT identifies clients based on referrals or records from Cabell County EMS, which responds to all suspected overdose calls in Huntington. The team then responds to the residential address provided and/or the address where the overdose occurred within 72 hours of the incident. On each visit, the team provides information such as treatment options, pamphlets and phone numbers with anyone they encounter. Since the Quick Response Team was launched on Dec. 4, 2017, it has had a success rate of 34 percent of getting clients into treatment.

On Saturday morning, volunteers will team up with Quick Response Team members and will use heat maps to identify high-risk neighborhoods and pass out brochures about the team in those areas.

For more information, contact Quick Response Team Coordinator Connie Priddy at 304-638-4729.

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