REAL LIFE: Man Defecates in Yard, Police Called; Monkey Can't Sue for (c) Infringement

Updated 1 year ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

Sometimes the combination of police scanner traffic and social media produces an absurd laugh between  prayers and concerns.

On Monday night, a woman called the cops. She said a man had "pooped" in the grass in the 1500 block of Washington Blvd. 

The responses on FB were insightful.

One stated it might be a payback for dog droppings.

Another responded, "free fertilizer."

Still another, "When you gotta go..."

A woman complained that cops will go to answer a "poop" call but not suspicion of a stolen vehicle.

But, all in all, these summary comments say it all ---

"You can't make this stuff up..."  as reality television viewers know, "real life is funnier than anything made up." 

Under that premise, one need only look to Monday's ruling by the liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. 

After a yearlong battle orchestrated by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a three judge panel ruled that a crested macaque (Naruto) last standing (capacity) to sue for copyright infringement. The suit related to the "monkey selfie" where the animal snatched the camera from a photographer. 

iIn short monkeys and animals can not sue for damages. 

Wait until more robots are released with artificial intelligence.  One has already been granted citizenship of a mid-eastern country. 

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