Mayor Williams Joins First and Main Coalition in Washington, D.C. to Demonstrate Value of Federal Partnerships

Updated 4 years ago Edited from City of Huntington Press Release

Mayor Steve Williams is in Washington, D.C., today and Tuesday to voice his support for federal programs that are helping rural, small and midsized communities thrive.

Williams is joined by other elected officials as part of a coalition called First & Main, which is calling upon the White House and Congress for partnerships at the federal level to address deep inequities in the health, transportation, housing, and economic development outcomes that result from federal investments.

“In the City of Huntington, we know the importance of reliable federal partners in addressing the challenges that impact America’s heartland communities,” Williams said. “The First & Main Coalition is uniting the voices of local leaders to protect the federal programs that are critical to our communities’ ability to overcome adversity. Together, we are advancing the common goal of livable, vibrant communities.”

First and Main has identified four key principles that guide the coalition’s requests from the Trump administration and Congress:

  • Support locally-driven community revitalization, which is essential to the vitality of these communities and attracting additional investment to their regions.
  • Build vibrant, healthy, walkable towns and cities to help address health disparities and connect everyone in the community to greater opportunities, strengthen entire regions, enhance quality of life, and attract additional and sustained economic investment.
  • Create opportunities for everyone in America’s small and midsized communities by providing equal access and distribution to small and midsized communities within federal programs.
  • Invest in infrastructure that creates lasting value, not expensive liabilities for which our communities lack the money to maintain. Connecting more places and people is critical for success, and rebuilding and fixing existing infrastructure upon which communities have relied for decades should be the first priority.

The First and Main Coalition has developed a blueprint, which is composed of more than 30 detailed strategies that expand upon these guiding principles. On Tuesday morning, Williams will join mayors from Oxford, Mississippi; Ithaca, New York; Macon/Bibb County, Georgia, and others to deliver a briefing about the blueprint to congressional staffers.

First and Main Coalition members will then meet with congressional representatives and with representatives of the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs.

For more information about the First and Main Coalition and to read the blueprint in its entirety, visit