BOOK REVIEW: "Sorry for Inconvenience" Integrates Stand Up Comedy Characterizations; Fast Read

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BOOK REVIEW:  "Sorry for Inconvenience" Integrates Stand Up Comedy Characterizations; Fast Read
 CRAZY IN LOVE OR JUST CRAZY... For much of "Sorry For The Inconvenience", Aaron-Michael Fox's engrossing debut novel, readers are left to wonder if love will conquer the central characters' phobias or if their quirky decisions will destroy their budding relationship.

Alexis "Alex" Dawson and Sandip Bhagravan collide as Alexis is late for work and is hurrying out of her therapist office and Sandip is late for an appointment with the same therapist and is running into the office. The two never realize they had already met in the collison.
Fate steps in again as they meet through another unlikely chance. Alexis on a girls night out is drunk and looking for her friend's car. She spies her boyfriend kissing another woman. She then falls asleep in the wrong car...which turns out to belong to Sandip.
While fate tries to bring them together...bad decisions like meeting each other's parents and an ill-fated Christmas party thrown by Alex's boss (who happens to be her ex-boyfriend) threaten to keep them apart. Fox has created two likeable and innocent- hearted characters who are vulnerable to their environments and victims of their own phobias.

The book is a battle of the pair being each others best therapy but still each others own worst enemy. Fox creates interesting supporting characters like Sandip's lifelong friend Issac. Issac is a stoner character who provides comedic relief and some stoner logic.

Fox shows the skills he developed as a standup comedian by providing witty dialogue that propels this twisted story of a modern day relationship into a rapid page turner as he creates situation after situation that challenges their new relationship and their own battles against their phobias. Will love keep them together or will their insecurities tear them apart....that is the question and Fox entertainly provides the answers. Available at Amazon:  
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