LETTER TO EDITOR: Michigan Mom OD's after Touching Son's Needle

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Dear Editor,

                I’ve been learning a lot about the opioid crisis.

                I read things about and learn about it from the television and radio.

                I also attend local meetings of people who are fighting the epidemic.  The first thing they grapple with is the stigma.  Today’s addictions are not easy to see.  A person who has been drawn into it might snort it up their nose, or take pills or rub it on their gums.  Of course many still use the needle and the spoon.

                Whatever they use these individuals sometimes bring these drugs into their homes.  It must happen often because apparently most overdoses, like most deaths from alcohol, occur at home.

                At the most recent meeting I attended the mother of an addict told us her experiences.  She and her husband had long been fighting with their son (who has a son of his own) as he was using heroin.  They weren’t winning the family battle.  He overdosed three reported times, she said, and four unreported.  She told us that they had decided to let their son get his drugs and use them at home.  That way if he fell out they would know and could revive him.

                He got arrested anyway and had to get rid of his paraphernalia.  His mother was helping him clean his room when she touched a tray he had been using with his drugs.  She went unconscious and suffered an overdose.  These drugs are very dangerous to anyone who comes in contact with them.


Alfred Brock

4526 South John Hix Road

Wayne MI 48184

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