COLUMN: Homeless Sneak into Abandoned House Basement

Updated 49 weeks ago by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent

About 10 p.m. May 12,  EMS and police showed up at at 1304 5th Avenue. A man had been in the yard asleep and could not be awaken. He was given narcan twice and came to and taken to a hospital.

This is an abandoned house where a boy overdosed and died and where it caught on fire about two years ago. It was sealed off then but homeless people are entering around back through the basement. It needs sealed off again.

The police came and ran people off earlier but they were back in 10 minutes. The guy that was out cold was told to leave earlier. Then, he either overdosed or something.

There has been several calls made to 911 and the tip line. They have been stealing things out of cars and a car charger was stolen out of my truck by a guy staying there. They have been doing drugs there and dealing drugs on my lot. I broke one up the other day by pulling my phone out to record. There was two people fighting there a few days ago.

Several people are now sitting at the white house next door even though the owner isnt there now. I just ran the guy off who stole the charger a minute ago, I refrain from doing what I wanted to do because he wasn't on my parking lot but was right across the fence.
within 5 feet of me.

The fire marshall was there the other day. They were not there. Jimbo Insco found out for me that the abandoned building is owned by a company in bankruptcy. Jimbo said they will tried to get it moved up to priority demolition.

I am not understanding why the around back basement entrance can not be sealed off. They are going in that way and then staying upstairs in the house.

Four and a half alley is getting horrible. A few ice (meth) houses have opened. People are running around on meth looking for money all night. Downtown Huntington is getting as bad as West Huntington. There needs to be more patrols downtown. If it keeps getting worse it will impact businesses and Marshall. It must stop now. The stopping needs to start with the house being sealed off.

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