by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

The Cabell County Board of Education has approved replacement of a turf field at Cabell-Midland High School that had been under scrutiny for not properly absorbing G-forces when a person hits the ground. The eight-year-old turf field has been independently tested in April and the GMAX force in the center of the field exceeded requirements. 

A school maintenance employee called attention to the field issue. 

Field Turf USA will install the replacement for $439,304. Until then , contact sports are limited to between the 35 yard lines and end zones. 

The company has been the subject of several federal complaints for Duraspine fields that did not live up to expectations. However, the company has since stopped marketing that plastic fiber from a Chinese manufacturer, according to a 2014 settlement. About 1,450 duraspine fields were installed across the nation. 

Articles in 2018 in the Washington Post quoted a Montgomery County Parks official stating the field there did  “not handle what they’re supposed to be able to handle.” 

Huntington High School had its field tested in April 2018  by the same  independent consultant that tested Cabell Midland and the HHS field was ruled safe. 

Turf USA will also resurface the surrounding Cabell Midland track for $288,800.