UPDATED: Rednecksploitation Reality Shows: "You're not going to make us look like idiots"

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UPDATED: Rednecksploitation Reality Shows: "You're not going to make us look like idiots"

UPDATED: Nearly five years after the young southern West Virginia adults took MTV's "Buckwild" to a height of redneck popularity, MTV and the former producers of "Buckwild" are at it again. On Wednesday, a rude flashback reminder occurred --- Salwa Amin, the show's former diva, was arrested in Florida on a Virginia warrant for conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. In 2013, she was charged with distributing oxycodone.

Filming has started in Elkhorn City, Ky., for a MTV reality series "Made in Kentucky," which is similar to the "Jersey Shore premise." Similarly, shooting has started in Charleston, WV for "WV Wilder," produced  by the "Buckwild" filmmaking team. It appears that the "rednecksploitation genre of reality TV is experiencing a bit of a Renaissance," wrote starcasm.com. 

MTV released a statement that Made in Kentucky  follows a group of friends in the Appalachian coal country who "make their own fun through country shenanigans and wild behavior."

Hillbilly jet skiing , lawn mower jousting and a dumpster converted to a hot tub. 

That got elected officials up in arms with MTV and its Viacon parent.

Mayor Mike Taylor has objected to the new "coming of age" series.

"You're not going to make us look like idiots," Taylor told production representatives at the March council meeting. 

The Elkhorn City News-Express quoted film reps as explaining:

"The “hot tub” was meant to be used in an “improv-type” scene. Another “produced bit” included a game of hide-and-seek which the company said would be played by the cast hiding in vehicles and driving around to find each other.

“It’s just a vehicle for us to get dialogue as we make it seem like the kids are having fun. And they’re young, fun kids,” said one of the production members."

MTV's "Buckwild" gained viewers in youthful demographics, but, Sen. Joe Manchin sent a letter asking that the show be scuttled as it negatively portrayed citizens of his state. Season Two did not commence after a leading cast member died from carbon monoxide poisoning and several other cast members got into mug shot related troubles.

Viacon assured council members  that they have checked out the ten youths featured on "Made in Kentucky." Mayor Taylor said the city has had "issues" with one or more of them. All do not live in Elkhorn City; the production company rented rooms for several returnees that had moved away.

“The idea is not to have a wild, drunken party and constantly doing things like Jersey Shore and all of that,” a production rep  said. Cast and crew will work closely with safety consultants. "It will not focus on sex, drugs or drinking."

The "Kentucky" series is expected to air on Thursdays beginning in July.

Meanwhile, J.P. Williams said WV Wilder will not be an imitation of Buckwild. He said in a news release that MTV has agreed to look at the production, but, as of now, WV Wilder is still shopping for a cable or streaming network. 

From Parallel Entertainment’s press release:

The original producing team has gone back to Appalachia where it all began. Executive Producers JP Williams, Jennifer Novak-Riker, and John Stevens believe the project and new cast, including Spencer Tarley (“Tar”) related to Buckwild‘s late Shane Gandee, are the next breakout stars of the reality genre. Novak-Riker added “We are always searching for interesting characters across the country and when we recently went to Morgantown, we struck gold. The female cast members are strong and dynamic and lead this wild bunch, which is refreshing to see.”

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