PSC and GHSP Remind Motorists that Seat Belts Save Lives

Updated 1 year ago Edited from a Press Release

Charleston, W.Va. – The Public Service Commission and the Governor’s Highway Safety Program have once again joined forces with law enforcement agencies throughout West Virginia during the Click It or Ticket campaign that will run through May 28.

 Crowded roads over the Memorial Day weekend make it more critical that motorists use their seat belts.  Seat belt use saves lives, and it is the law.  Drivers can be ticketed if people in the front seat or anyone under the age of 18 fails to buckle up.


“Our objective is to remind people that an action as simple as buckling a seat belt can literally save your life,” said Bob Tipton, GHSP Director. “Our enforcement efforts, including issuing tickets, are designed to keep our communities safe and remind drivers of the importance of buckling up every time.”


The Public Service Commission is charged with enforcing state and federal transportation laws on commercial motor vehicles.  “During the Click It or Ticket campaign, our officers emphasize the message of seat belt safety to commercial motor vehicle drivers,” said Bob Blankenship, Director of the Commission’s Transportation Enforcement Division.  “Improving the safety practices of commercial drivers helps to keep all travelers safer on West Virginia’s roadways.”


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost 1,500 people died in traffic accidents in West Virginia between 2012 and 2016.  (2017 numbers are not yet available.)  By focusing on the Click It or Ticket seat belt compliance message, the PSC, GHSP and law enforcement agencies hope to reduce this statistic.


With funding provided by the GHSP, local law enforcement agencies, including many municipalities and sheriff departments, are able to conduct these focused patrols on seat belt safety and encourage citizens to drive safely.


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