Documentary Explores Dating to Hookups

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Documentary Explores Dating to Hookups

SCOTTSDALE, Az., May 31, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Singles of all ages wonder why it's so hard to meet, date and marry today. In fact, 50 percent of America is single and fewer people are committing to marriage, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014. Dating has been replaced by "hooking up" and "hanging out," making the traditional days of "courtship" obsolete. Or, is it?

THE DATING PROJECT, the new documentary from Paulist Productions, Mpower Pictures and Family Theater Productions, has been featured in The Washington Post, Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune as well as on CNN and FOX NEWS, and will now be available on DVD and Digital Download from Pure Flix. The film will be released into the general consumer market by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. The official trailer for THE DATING PROJECT can be viewed at

A few years ago, Boston College professor Kerry Cronin noticed this decreased dating trend among her undergrad students. "And I thought, 'Well, this is crazy.' So I started asking students to go on what I refer to as 'traditional dates' as part of an extra-credit assignment." However, the act of going on a date was more complicated than she thought. A combination of the prevalent "hook up" culture, as well as the preferred method of social interaction (texting), had all but obliterated skills of basic social interaction. And so, THE DATING PROJECT began.

THE DATING PROJECT follows Professor Cronin and five modern-day singles (ages 20 - 40) in their own quest to find authentic love and meaningful relationships. By engaging in Cronin's dating philosophy, her mentees find more fulfilling and lasting relationships.


Critically-acclaimed author Suzanne Venker said THE DATING PROJECT is "a wake-up call for Americans, many of whom are in the dark about how dramatically dating has changed" in a op-ed. "For a host of different reasons, Americans are broken. They want love, but no one has shown them the way. That's what makes THE DATING PROJECT, in my estimation, the most important documentary in recent years - for what jumps off the screen is our culture's abdication of love as even a concept, let alone a reality."

"This documentary is a must-see for anyone concerned about the impact our over-sexualized world is having on the most basic of relationships, especially among young people," said Teresa Tomeo, media expert, motivational speaker, bestselling author and syndicated Catholic talk show host of "Catholic Connection" and "The Catholic View for Women." "THE DATING PROJECT is an eye-opener that will hopefully help Generation Y and the rest of us realize we all deserve better than what the hook-up culture claims to offer."

"THE DATING PROJECT is a cultural avalanche," said Sr. Nancy Usselmann, director of the Pauline Center for Media Studies.