Edited from a Press Release
CHARLESTON, W.Va. - At the request of Secretary of State Mac Warner, the West Virginia Legislature has approved changes to how residents apply to become a Notary Public. Those changes will take effect on June 3rd.

The most significant change is the elimination of a bond requirement. As of June 3rd, the statutory requirement of a citizen having to post a $1,000 surety bond to become a Notary Public will be eliminated.

In addition, a simpler application has been created to expedite the process, as we know the importance of notaries is to move at the speed of business and at the speed of the citizens of West Virginia.

“These changes should make the process of becoming a Notary Public more convenient and less expensive,” said Secretary of State Warner.

“Notaries play an important role in the legal process here in West Virginia. Notaries will always be held to a high standard of integrity while performing their duties,” he said.

Currently, there are 40,026 licensed Notary Publics in West Virginia. The term of a Notary Public is five years. The one-time fee to register to become a Notary is $52.

Coming soon, any resident wanting to become a Notary Public will be able to file for their notary commission online.

The new application to file for a notary commission can be obtained by going to the Secretary of State’s website at www.wvsos.gov.