"Happytime" Puppets Prevail over Sesame Street

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"Happytime" Puppets Prevail over Sesame Street

 A Manhattan federal court judge has ruled that the trailer for the R-Rated "Happytime Murders" distinguishes itself from the family friendly puppets of Sesame Street.

Sesame Street Workshop alleged that the use of "No Sesame; All Street" caused viewers to misbelieve that the R-rated comedy included iconic family friendly puppets.

Judge Vernon Broderick told attorneys the slogan was a "humorous pithy way" of separating the R-rated film from Sesame Street.

Attorneys for Sesame Street argued that the trademark infringement case was similar to the "Debbie Does Dallas" porn movie in which a court ruled in favor of the Children's TV Workshop. Judge Broderick stressed this film is not porn, it's R-rated. 

Movie maker STX issued a statement attributed to a puppet lawyer named Fred, Esq.

"We fluffing love Sesame Street and we're obviously very pleased that the ruling reinforced what STX's intention was from the very beginning — to honor the heritage of The Jim Henson Company's previous award-winning creations while drawing a clear distinction between any Muppets or Sesame Street characters and the new world Brian Henson and team created," the statement said.

A portion of the judge's statement said:

"I held a hearing in this matter pertaining to Plaintiff's application for a temporary restraining order. (Doc. 9.) Accordingly, and for the reasons set forth on the record at the hearing, it is hereby ORDERED that Plaintiff's application for a temporary restraining order is DENIED. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the parties are directed to meet and confer and, on or before June 8, 2018, submit a joint update to the Court regarding how they propose to proceed in this matter. "

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