Huntington Fire Joins Police in No Longer Answering Routine OD Calls

Updated 1 year ago Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports

The Huntington Fire Department has adopted a three month old Huntington Police Department policy of not responding to routine drug overdose dispatches. 

Originally, the Fire Department emergency medic had advanced training for cardiac revival that Cabell County EMS had not received. 

Two news sources have quoted City of Huntington communications director Bryan Chamber confirming the policy a day after an HPD officer was dragged by a car in the process of an OD-related arrest.

Chambers explained that the HPD stopped responding to routine OD calls three months ago.

“It allows our first responders to focus on other incidents at hand,” Chambers said. “The thing to keep in mind is that if Cabell County needs us, we will still respond.”

Cabell EMS and HPD evaluate the policy monthly. "It has gone well," Chambers said, according to the Herald Dispatch. 

The policy change , according to Fire Chief Jan Rader, enables  better use of limited resources, according to a WOWK report. 

Prior to the change, the city received numerous complaints that resources were slow in response to other calls due to answering OD related dispatches. 

No explanation has been provided as to why the 90 day delay in releasing the policy alteration. 

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