Former Marshall Surgical Resident Sues for Sexual Harassment , Discrimination

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Former Marshall Surgical Resident Sues for Sexual Harassment , Discrimination

A former Marshall University School of Medicine surgical resident has sued the school and other defendants for (among other complaints)  discrimination, hostile work environment, sexual harassment and retaliation.

The federal complaint filed in April lists numerous allegations such as during the 2013-2014 year male and three female residents were separated, then, a senior resident entered the room to say, "no one will be getting pregnant this year."

King though disturbed shrugged it off and went on to become the "best intern" for that year.

The complaint alleges that her so-called "disrespectful" e-mail complaint related to a planned vacation with her husband (also a student) led to additional harassment and hostilities.

Male residents in a commons area  watched "offensive," "sexually explicit," "violent and gory videos of shootings," and "scroll photos of women's breasts" for "research." the complaint said.

After receiving a poor evaluation (told to be less of a "bitch" and "smile more"), Ms. King told a supervisor that she was subject to a hostile environment in which she was the only female resident.

The complaint alleges that after her husband's suicide, she took time off and eventually was dismissed from the program after the death of her father.

A PDF download of the federal complaint is below. A suit outlines grievances and at the time of filing are presumed true, but will be subjected to legal examination procedures, which may lead to a dismissal, settlement or a jury trial. The defendants will answer the complaint submitting admissions and denials and usually calling for dismissal. 

  1. King v. Med School (657.09 KB)
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