500 Days Countless Accomplishments for America

Updated 45 weeks ago From the White House Office of the Press Secretary

NEW YORK, NY – In recognition of the 500th day since President Donald J. Trump took office, Brad Parscale, Trump Campaign Manager, issued the following statement.

“When President Trump was sworn into office, he pledged that ‘no challenge can match the heart and fight and spirit of America.’ In the 500 days since then, the spirit of America has come alive again and the American dream is becoming achievable again for all Americans.


The accomplishments and progress towards the President’s goals are countless. Our economy is stronger and booming. Our communities are increasingly safer. In the past, we capitulated to rogue nations and trading partners alike.


Now we are winning again around all the world! Donald Trump’s leadership has served the needs and interests of the American people throughout these 500 days, but make no mistake about it – it’s working because President Trump is returning power to where it always belonged – with the American people.”

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