Black Bear(s) Roaming Around Huntington

Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports
Black Bear(s) Roaming Around Huntington

Hey.. there's a bear in the backyard.

That's the phrase (or one similar) that has some Huntington residents watching.  

WSAZ ran the surveillance footage; Social Media has been abuzz with sightings.

Tracing social media, one bear mauraded around Guyandotte before disappearing into the woods near Dietz Hollow. Someone found a cub. Rotary Park has been mentioned too.

As Yogi used to say, thou shalt not feed the bears stealing food from picnic baskets. They are wild animals. Take a photo; don't approach.

Let's hope that the Dept. of Natural Resources find them first. They will relocate it. But , if the bear looking for its cubs (apparently?) , gets too close to residents, call law enforcement.

Just pray that this social media posting does not occur:

"Poor bear. Just a matter of time before half of HPD is out in the streets with their rifles and shotguns..." 


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