Edited from City of Huntington Press Release
$500 Huntington Fine for Sweeping Cut Grass, Leaves  into Sewer
Photo Mayor's Office

Did you know that blowing or sweeping grass clippings, fallen leaves or other yard waste into the street or down the storm drain can cause flooding?

Yard waste that is swept or blown into a nearby storm drain can clog the drain. The problem is further exacerbated when it rains, particularly during a hard rain. The result? Unhappy neighbors!

Clogged storm drains also use up your water quality fee dollars and prevent the Huntington Stormwater Utility from working on other important projects. This means that your money is being spent on avoidable problems instead of necessary items, like fixing drainage problems.

Routine inspections and cleaning of storm drains are performed by the Huntington Water Quality Board, but clogged storm drains can go undetected until it is too late, and flooding has damaged property.

The Huntington Stormwater Utility asks that you properly manage your yard waste by leaving it on the lawn. Don’t blow or sweep your grass clippings or fallen tree leaves or other yard waste into the sidewalk, driveway, street, or storm drain. Instead, mulch it and leave it on the lawn or bag it and throw it away.

If you hire someone to cut your grass or do landscaping work, be sure to tell them to not blow the grass clippings into the street.

Those caught placing or blowing grass or leaves in the street can face up to a $500 penalty under Article 935.10 and Article 969.05 of Huntington City Code.