by David "Alligator" Williams

What is happening to society.... during the mid morning hours Monday, June 11 scanner dispatches report a girl shooting up drugs under a tree on 6th Street and 4th Avenue and someone shooting up drugs in Wal Mart on Route 60.

This afternoon a DOA then a car accident with injuries due to an individual overdosing in the vehicle. 

Sunday, June 10,  someone was arrested for shooting up drugs at Dreamland swimming pool.

AND a  buddy  arrested over 100 times for public intox was booked at 12:40 into West Regional Jail.

We are obviously failing treating addiction as a is spreading.

I'm very tolerant toward addiction until it starts spreading into public displays of addiction. It is going to be a long Summer. I have a feeling it isn't all heroin....I have a feeling this is ice and meth and people don't care what they do on meth and warps their minds.