Huntington Hosting Regional Economic Diversification Summit

Updated 1 year ago Edited from City of Huntington Press Release

The City of Huntington joins with the WV Region 2 Planning & Development Council and other partners to hold a “Regional Economic Diversification Summit” (REDS) that will identify strategies to leverage resources for implementation of key city and regional economic development plans and projects.


These economic diversification goals build upon Region 2’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, and the Huntington Innovation Project (HIP Plan) which supports our America’s Best Community Prize initiative. Priority goals of the Huntington region’s plans include:


* Revitalization of key brownfields through the “Huntington Brownfields Innovation Zone” (H-BIZ) master plan for redevelopment in the Highlawn/Marshall University area.

* The River-to-Rail Revitalization in Huntington’s west end through the “Appalachian Heartland Highway” heritage tourism initiative, creation and revitalization of the Old Central City Arts & Culture District, and expansion of skilled jobs through WestEdge Factory and manufacturing projects.

* The Fairfield Rebirth initiative to boost a struggling neighborhood with affordable housing, complete street transformation of Hal Greer Boulevard, and expansion of the health- and wellness-based economy.

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