Special to HNN Provided by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

COLUMBUS, Ohio)—Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine  warned consumers to beware of seasonal scams, including home improvement fraud and travel-related schemes. 

“Scams don’t take a break in the summer,” Attorney General DeWine said. “We encourage people to be careful. Make sure you know who you’re dealing with. Ask for references. Take your time before making a decision.”

Last year, the Ohio Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section logged more home improvement complaints in the summer (about 600 complaints) than in any other season. While some involved billing disputes, others alleged services were never provided.

Consumers also reported travel-related complaints, such as “free” vacations that were not truly free and timeshare resellers who failed to deliver promised services.  

During summer months, consumers should beware of scams including:

Common signs of a potential scam include:

Consumers can learn more and report potential scams to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office at [www.ohioprotects.org]www.OhioProtects.org or 800-282-0515.