by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

A hearing will be held July 31, 2018 in Alfred Ferguson's courtroom concerning alleged unsanitary conditions at the Western Regional Jail.  The complaint comes as part of a 'reconsideration' for home confinement from Argie Lee Jeffers, 74, who is accused of murder and concealment of a dismembered human body.

Jeffers' attorney, Tim Rosinsky. plans to call a former correctional officer to testify. 

The Western Regional has been the target of alleged misconduct by male guards. Filed on behalf of a woman admitted to the jail for first offense DUI, the complaint alleges that the female was forced to sit naked in front of male guards during most of her confinement.

The suit alleges civil rights violations, battery, invasion of privacy. negligent training and negligent use of a restraining device, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

You can download a PDF of the complaint below. The plaintiff's name has been redacted. The court folder on this filing contains sealed photos that may be viewed only by court order. 

Former City Attorney Scott McClure and his partner Jason Goad filed the complaint, which has been assigned to Judge Ferrell. 

  1. DOC071718-07172018164655.pdf (214.68 KB)