DON'T OVERLOOK: Stretching Johnson's Muscles, Skyscraper Engaging Action Outing

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DON'T OVERLOOK: Stretching Johnson's Muscles, Skyscraper Engaging Action Outing

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) has told multiple media outlets that "Skyscraper" rescuffles "The Towering Inferno," "Die Hard" and "The Fugitive." But, Johnson neglected a Chuck Norris film (The President's Man, 2000) in which Joshua McCord (Norris) plays an aging secret service agent and tells terrorists in a no holds barred mission, "With the proper motivation all things are possible" 

Add masking tape.

Take a whish up a super tall chimney as the 225 story Pearl high rise (fictional) located in Hong Kong . The structure has only half opened. Retired FBI Hostage Negotiator Will Sawyer has become a high rise safety expert. The Pearl's top one hundred stories have yet to be certified insurable. 

The six billion dollar tallest building in the world has beyond state of the art fire suppression and containment systems. Unlike "Inferno" where the architect  the skirted corners leading to the near destruction of the building, Asian financier Zhao Long Ji (Chin Han) has an advanced safeguard system controlled from a location away from the structure. 

Gangster terrorists led by Koeres  Botha (Roland Moller) have an extortive dispute with the owner , and they ignite the tall Pearl in an attempt to extract data from him.


DON'T OVERLOOK: Stretching Johnson's Muscles, Skyscraper Engaging Action Outing

This is not a soap opera-ish "Towering Inferno" where so many couples , party people, and high rollers elaborate (unnecessarily) on back stories in their lives before flames start licking the restaurant on top. 

Nor does it have trapped employees falling in a manner similar to Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians." Bruce Willis must rescue his wife, but his feet take a scraping while The Rock's super muscles bulge. 

And, how long has it been since "Inferno" and "Die Hard" hit the big screen? 1974 and 1988 respectively. 

Those have nothing resembling (spoiler) a child pried away from her daddy , dad hit on the head, and the odds are nothing on the planet can reunite them on this side of life --- they will either fall, burn or take a bullet.

Called a summer popcorn flick, Skyscraper rivets attention and solid frame by frame action after just a brief set up for character foundations. I could have watched this baby for another hour; there's so much additional that could have thrilled and chilled. So, yes, it's part (pun intended) let down, but the Rock's assault on the gang against unfathomable odds bring out, "You go Dwayne. Get 'em." 

I agree Rock's leaps and bounds straddle the invulnerable (opps, not true in DC Universe now) Man of Steel and his heroic military wife Sarah (Neve Campbell) both trash up close with bones and noses cracking slug outs with bad guys. 

Rebuild the owner says. Give me a sequel... no, a story focused on other sections of the burning inferno where other occupants have been trapped and must be rescued. 

Honestly, how many dousing ripping writers have misconstrued a 9/11 fatal connection for dousing this tall building that does not implode, oh, collapse. 

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