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FIRST LOOK: Fuse Lit...Bring on "Fallout" Hand to Hand Combat and Aerial Gymnastics

When the "asset" (Mr. Phelps in the television version) received "choose to accept" mission instructions, a fuse lighted headed for an explosive detonation.

TV viewer may recall that the IMF (Impossible Mission Force) demanded a solid attention span investment; it had its own style of high browl intrigue.

Turning the series into a big screen franchise, Tom Cruise (playing Ethan Hunt) swept through a mesh of the brainiac stimulation in favor of fueling action and cristoning crisp, head twisting stories for a blend of James Bond suave , a dash of romance, and dizzying twists.  

Cruise's beyond impossible mission is to stop the arming and use of nuclear weapons from stolen plutonium before a hate group blasts world cities. 

Favoring the franchise tendency for international travel, "Fallout" criss-crosses predominately Europe & Asian countries as Cruise and crew take down bad guys the old fashioned way --- knuckles, knees, and fists plus blades and bullets. 

The sleek, handsome, polished production has a blessing for multi task timing preciseness. Helicoptering in between mountain crevices  that rivals  imperial destroyers dodging laser fire funnels the incorporation of little  CGI stunt reliance. The stuntman --- Cruise does his own --- stays the focus, not animation. 

Impeccable timing and deceptions often came with strategic planning and practice. "Network" has Cruise and team boasting a near snicker "trust me" that events will occur as necessary. Those escalating  send ups to "trust me" divulge a subtle sense of humor jutting through despite mushroom sprouts only seconds away.

During the two hour workout, Cruise runs, leaps and climbs , rooftops and natural resources, but Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson's bulging biceps skyscraping fire rescues make the "male (non super)  hero" competition a draw. 

Fallout's iMF teams have greater chemistry, but avoiding obvious cliches in favor of inventive tricks and twists that have Cruise scampering past certain death after certain death. Give my regards to the flawed "Skyscraper." It's not as impossible to believe.