Huntington Council Amends Rental Registry Ordinance

Updated 47 weeks ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

Huntington City Council has moved to a second reading a proposed residential rental property registration proposal, taking to market Huntington Sanitary Board bonds, and a formal feasibility study for the proposed Harris Riverfront Park marina. 

The proposal requires that landlords register properties with the city at no cost. Rental properties will become subject to increased compliance scrutiny including a planned yearly inspection.

Public works director Jim Insco told council that there will be "no additional cost" to the city as "my inspectors visit properties daily." He said the proposal would allow inside inspection if permission is granted by the tenant and owner. 

At large council woman Carol Polan proposed and council adopted an amendment which requires that the registered properties, their location, number of units, and council district be available online.

Stating "I'm so proud of the teamwork done on this ordinance," she explained that the amendment allows parents of Marshall University students can look on line and see if specific property is on the registry.

Owners failing to register would be penalized. 

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