HIMG Launches CNA to CMA Career Pathway

Updated 47 weeks ago

Huntington, W.Va. <August 21, 2018>: HIMG has launched a program that allows Certified Nursing Assistants, that are employed at HIMG, to prepare for and take the testing to become a Certified Medical Assistant. The program is called the CNA to CMA Pathway.


A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) that has two years of hands-on patient care may be eligible to take the testing necessary to advance to the licensure of Certified Medical Assistant through the National Association for Health Professionals.


“Like many other health care groups throughout our region, we have a need for a certified, skilled and experienced workforce. This CNA to CMA program is designed to increase the skill set of our own team while continuing to retain our focus on the health and wellness of our patients,” said Mark Morgan, CEO of HIMG.


HIMG, through this unique program, will provide qualified CNAs with the study materials as well as cover the cost of the certification exam.  CNAs that are interested in the program should apply for one of the CNA positions available at HIMG to get started.  More information can be gained on the medical practice’s website at www.himgwv.com or by contacting HIMG Human Resources at (304) 528-4600.

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