Special to HNN Provided by Marshall University

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – Dr. Mark Zanter, recipient of the 2018 John Marshall University Scholars Award and professor of music at Marshall, will host Electrifest, a festival of new electronic music, from 9-11 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 15, at Black Sheep Burrito and Brews, located in Pullman Square in downtown Huntington.


The event will feature live performance, video and improvisation by artists from the Huntington area and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.


Artists will include Maxwell Tfirn, Andrew Walters, Mark Philips, Aaron Michael Butler, BHZ (Burke-Hall-Zanter)Brigid Burke, Steve Hall, Mark Zanter, and PSP of Huntington.


“The purpose of the event is to provide an opportunity for live performance of electronic music by local and regional artists at an all-ages venue,” said Zanter, coordinator of music theory/composition at Marshall. The event has been organized with the help of Tyler Cooper at Black Sheep Burritos and Brews and is anticipated to become an ongoing, local event.


Electrifest is open to all. Tickets will be available at the door for $5.


More information can be found on the Electrifest website: https://electrifest.wordpress.com/