Honey Snacks Recall Underway

Updated 49 weeks ago Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports
Honey Snacks Recall Underway

 Do NOT eat. Do NOT buy – retailers can NOT legally sell #HoneySmacks cereal. This product is linked to 130 lab-confirmed illnesses (salmonellosis) in 34 states with 36 hospitalizations (0 deaths) go.usa.gov/xQtc2 

CHECK your house and throw away any of this cereal you have. People who have become ill recently had it in their homes. 
If a retailer is still selling Honey Smacks: DO NOT BUY!

Retturn unused and opened boxes to store for a refund. 

For more investigation information & how to report on-going sales >>> http://go.usa.gov/xQtc2

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