Edited from a Press Release
CHARLESTON — West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey reminded consumers considering home improvements to do adequate research before hiring an individual or company for the job.

The cooler days of autumn make it an ideal time to complete projects that were potentially put off during the warmer months.
“Many individuals and companies know this is an ideal time for home improvements and will actively seek out potential work,” Attorney General Morrisey said. “Doing your own research beforehand, knowing what you’re getting and reading any contract carefully can save you a lot of grief once all is said and done.”
Consumers can ask trusted friends and family for references or search online reviews.
It is also important that consumers know how to navigate any contracts involved.
State law requires a written contract when hiring a contractor for home improvement projects costing $250 or more. In addition to a contract, jobs of $2,500 or more require the contractor to be licensed by the state Contractor Licensing Board.
A contract should always include the contactor’s name, address, telephone number and contractor license number, along with a description in “plain language” of all goods and services purchased.
Additionally, the contract price with all credit or financing information, an approximate completion date and notification of the consumer’s three-day right to cancel any contract signed at the project site should all be included.
Drafting a contract can be easy and does not require a lawyer. Such agreements should be signed and dated by both the consumer and the contractor before any work begins. Each party should retain a copy of the contract.
For more information, read the Attorney General’s brochure, “Measuring Up: A Consumer’s Guide to Hiring Contractors for Home Repairs,” at http://bit.ly/2NnXioH.
Anyone with questions or knowledge of a potential home improvement scam should contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division at 1-800-368-8808, the Eastern Panhandle Consumer Protection Office in Martinsburg at 304-267-0239 or visit the office online at www.wvago.gov.