Edited from a Press Release

The Miss America Organization, a 501c4 and the Miss America Foundation a 501c3, are joining together to announce the totality of scholarships being awarded for the 2019 Miss America Competition. 

In line with previous years, the presentation of these scholarships allow young women, across the country, to advance their education and pay off college debt.  The two organizations are also working together to increase these amounts as the organization moves toward its 100thanniversary and Miss America 2021.  

The Miss America Organization will award the following scholarships for the 2019 Miss America Competition:

Miss America: $50,000
1st Runner Up: $25,000
2nd Runner Up: $20,000
3rd Runner Up: $15,000
4th Runner Up: $10,000
Remaining candidates: $167,000
3 Preliminary Talent Winners: $2k each totaling $6,000
3 Preliminary On-Stage Interview Winners: $1k each totaling $3000
4 Non – Finalist Talent Awards: $1k each totaling $4,000

Candidate chosen as Miss Congeniality: $2k
Total from the Miss America Organization:  $302,000

The Miss America Foundation pays out these collective scholarships, upon confirmation of eligibility, to universities, colleges and other academic and training institutions 365 days a year. While each of the scholarship times vary, candidates have up to 4 years to utilize their national scholarships from the date of the award. Miss America herself has up to 5 years to use her national scholarship from the date of the award.

The Miss America Foundation will award the following scholarships:

Jena Bartell Military Awareness: $3,000
Dr. David Allman Medical Scholarship: up to $7,500
Tiffany Phillips Athlete Scholar: $2,000
Jean Bartell Quality of Life Awards: $6,000 winner, $4,000 runner-up, $2,000 runner-up totaling $12,000
3 STEM Awards: $5,000 each totaling $15,000
2 Women in Business Awards: $5,000 each totaling $10,000
10 Charles and Theresa Brown Awards: $2,500 each totaling $25,000
Academy of Honor to the State Volunteer: $5,000
3 Candidate Children’s Miracle Maker Network Hospitals Awards: $5,000 winner $3,000 runner-up, $2,000 runner-up totaling $10,000
3 State Organization Children Miracle Network Hospitals Miracle Makers Awards $5, 000 winner, $3,000 runner-up, $2,000 runner-up totaling $10,000

The Miss America Foundation has made available the following at each state competition this year:

51 Academic Achievement Awards $1,000 to each state totaling $51,000
51 Community Service Awards: $1,000 to each state totaling $51,000

In addition, the Miss America Foundation this year, for the first time, expanded its scholarship program awarding two scholarships to individuals outside the competition. This year’s two scholarships total $2400 and were awarded to recipients Natalie Ott and Aliza Haiders both of who attended Atlantic City High School. 

Total scholarships awarded from The Miss America Foundation: $203,900

The breakdown of last years’ winners can be seen at http://missamerica.org/miss-america-scholarship-awards/