Letter to the Editor: Amendment One and the Greater Good for the State of West Virginia

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When considering the greater good for the state of West Virginia,
abortion should be freely available [but] extremely rare.  Reducing the
number of women choosing abortion requires workable solutions.  They
would include comprehensive sex education and free, available
contraception in all schools.  The need for a prescription for a
"morning after" pill could be eliminated.  Medical clinics throughout
the state could provide contraceptive and abortion services.

In the discussion over Amendment One the larger picture is lost when
the discussion is reduced to an incipient life versus a woman's right
to choose what she does with her body.  We must admit that Amendment
One would deny an abortion to women without financial means.  A woman
with means can travel to Charleston or leave the state.  Amendment One
is denying abortion to poor women.

 When deciding how to vote on Amendment One it is important to
consider the larger picture and the greater good for the state of West
Virginia.  When all women who find it necessary to end a pregnancy can
do so, there will be fewer drug addicted newborns, fewer cases of
child abuse and fewer children in foster care.  There will be less
reliance on social services, more children finishing high school and
more parents able to send their children to college.  Less stress and
depression within a family can lead to a reduction in opioid use.
Having more medical centers across the state providing abortion would
increase these results.

For the greater good of all West Virginia, vote NO, against Amendment One.

This is a "Me Too" moment for women who have had abortions.

"Me Too":  We had four children, a fragile marriage and a vasectomy
which failed.

 Judy Roylance,  Fairmont, WV
WV Mountain Party Chair of WV Senate District # 13

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