Huntington municipal Development Authority Meets Monday

Updated 1 year ago Edited from a Press Release

The HMDA meets Monday, Sept. 17, at 4 p.m. in council chambers at Huntington City Hall. The agenda contains the purchase of Flint Ink property and an environmental assessment, as well as repair of a Kinetic Park slip. 

1. Call To Order


2. Pledge of Allegiance


3. Roll Call


4. Approval of the Minutes of the August 20, 2018 Meeting


5. A Review of the August 2018 Financial Statements


6. New Business


A. Empowerment Zone Account


7. Old Business


A. Approval of Engineering Firm for Final Repair to the Kinetic Park Slip


B. Approval of the Flint Ink Purchase Agreement


C. Approval to Secure the Services of Environmental Firm for the Flint Ink Property


8. Adjournment

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