Bachelors World-Wide Have Robotic Options, but She's not yet Martha Stewart

Updated 38 weeks ago by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent
Bachelors World-Wide Have Robotic Options, but She's not yet Martha Stewart
Harmony Realbotix

 Well...I am now 55 and have never been married. "Why?" People ask me all of the time.

The truth is that I really do not know why. My best guess is that it is somewhere in between not finding the right girl I want to be with "forever" and that I could not find a girl that would put up with me.

Suddenly, at 55...I have options. No, I have not found THE girl. No, I have not made big changes in my life.

Technology has made big changes in our life. We can watch TV on our phones...we can talk to people on our watches...These are things we could not do thirty years ago.
Personal Android Mari
Personal Android Mari
Eden Robotics

Now, technology every man can have the woman that he does not deserve AND every man can have a woman that can put up with his most aggravating bad habits. So even if you like to dress up in a diaper or if you snore so loud the bar down the street complains of the can have a girl who is so hot that people will assume you must be a billionaire.

All this for between $7,000 to  $15,000. No, no, no...she is not a prostitute. Nope, she is not a Russian mail order bride.

The slight disadvantage is that she is a robot. $15,000 may sound high, but think of it. No birth control. You don't to get her drunk. You don't have to buy her any presents...ever. Think of the money you would save in ten years.

Plus, you can go out with your friends anytime you want. She does not care if you watch ESPN Sportcenter all day in your underwear. She never has a headache anytime let alone when you are in a romantic mood.

California based Realbotix has so many orders for Harmony  that they cannot keep up with demand and are considering another factory. They are sending orders out all over the world.

Another  robot named Sophia speaks through artificial intelligence She's been made a citizen of Saudi Arabia. For slightly less, you can search Amazon and Ali Baba for others, such as Emma. She sets you back about $4,500.

Emma Artificial Intelligence
Emma Artificial Intelligence

So am I finally ready to settle down? I am not likely to even consider a robot no matter what she looks like unless she can cook and clean.

At my age, sex is not the top priority. I can take the nagging as long as she cooks like a chef and can wash my clothes. Until they make a robot Martha Stewart, I guess I will remain single.

(Editor's Note: A personal home assistant is now under development. She does not do dishes or laundry, but she could be programmed to take out the trash!)

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