Shaver, Others Testify Against Former Theater Employee

HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) – Listening to a piece of testimony from the trial of Joshuwa Clark for allegedly  twice robbing Marquee Cinemas Pullman Square, a description of what the two men allegedly bought with the bucks  starkly contrasted.

Dustin Shaver testified that both he and Clark needed the money to “live, pay bills, buy food and things,” yet Clark allegedly paid cash for a car and motorcycle with his share of the $30,000, according to Shaver.

Shaver and Clark had been buddies for life. Shaver who held the weapon cut a deal for a lighter sentence for testimony against Clark. Shaver on tape makes it sound like one did the planning and the other conducted the actual armed robbery of the theatre.

Adding to the evidence, Marquee manager Matt Lundy identified wrapped bills taken from Clark’s home safe. “These are the wraps we use,” Lundy testified.

Shaver testified about “people connecting the two robberies.” He tried to “make himself look differently.”

The July 13 and Oct. 19, 2009 robberies to which he confessed occurred following one in November 2008.

The serial robberies became increasingly aggressive. Some employees at first  thought the November 2008 robber was pulling  stunt due to the goggles and black surgical mask worn. Then, the  suspect pointed a small barreled weapon at the head of the manager demanding the safe be opened.   At the last robbery, several  employees were tied up and threated if they did not open the safe.

No one has been arrested for the November 2008 robbery. Employees broke up an attempted robbery Oct. 6, 2009.

Clark who maintains his innocence takes the stand Thursday.