Former WSAZ Employee Posts $1,500 PR Bond

Updated 30 weeks ago Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports

A former WSAZ TV meteorologist has posted a $1,500 personal recognizance bond on a battery charge stemming from a bar altercation on August 31 with a co anchor.

Chelsea Ambriz . 26, appeared with counsel at the Friday , Sept. 20 Kanawha Magistrate Court hearing. The judge set a condition that she not have direct contact with Erica Bivens who allegedly suffered a fractured skull and ruptured ear drum. 

Ms. Ambriz, who lives in Huntington, did not speak at the hearing. She has not spoken about the incident in the media.  The date of the next hearing has not been released or set. Ambriz's attorney asked to close proceeding to the public, but the motion was denied. 

A police report detailed that Ambriz had some type of interaction with Bivens' husband at the bar. Ms. Bivens confronted Ambriz and they both fell to the floor. 

WSAZ has not spoken about the incident. Both women's profiles have been removed from their website. Neither is on the air. 

HNN has reviewed Magistrate Court documents but will not post them. 

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