Edited from a Press Release

Huntington, WV:  Network Innovation Solutions and Software Computer Group, through their web and mobile development company, Heads Up, announced the launch of the new app, Heads Up KY EMS.  From the KBEMS website:


“The ability to inform Kentucky's emergency medical service community of information and upcoming events is critical. Welcome Heads Up KY EMS, a custom scripted software application used to quickly and easily generate messages for providers, medical directors, service directors, and TEI administrators, regarding meeting updates, events, and incidents where time is crucial! Heads Up KY EMS is free and easy to use for both Android and Apple iOS devices.”


The Kentucky Board of Emergency Services brings lifesaving, emergency medical care to the Commonwealth by certifying and licensing Emergency Medical Personnel, while also establishing standards for the education and training of Emergency Medical Services Personnel.  In addition, KBEMS licenses all Ambulance Services in the state of Kentucky.  The app is geared towards providing critical, instant notification to the approximately 13,667 EMS professionals around Kentucky.


Heads Up is also the developer of the Heads Up Community, Heads Up Pet Rescue, and Heads Up University notification systems as well as the developer of the app and website for the nationally syndicated “Lex and Terry” radio network.  On working with KBEMS, Heads Up Holdings CEO Bryan Johnson said, “We love working with all the organizations on our other notification systems, but working with KBEMS was extra special just because they are a high-caliber organization and customizing Heads Up deployments and designs are both exciting and gratifying.  Especially when you work with an entity that has such a critical mission.”


About Heads Up Holdings:  Heads Up Holdings, LLC is a Huntington based development company formed in partnership between the owners of Network Innovation Solutions and Software Computer Group.  They currently provide notification systems for several WV and KY entities and are rapidly expanding into other markets.  For more information, you can visit their website www.gonis.us or www.headsupapp.io.