Long Time Guard Retires at Marquee Pullman

Updated 38 weeks ago by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
Long Time Guard Retires at Marquee Pullman

When John Maynard steps out of Marquee's 16 auditorium Pullman Square cinema on Sunday, Sept. 30, the cineplex will not be the same. 

Ensuring extra security at the Pullman Square megaplex dates before the random shooting acts of violence --- one of which occurred in Colorado. The movie massacre prompted more vigilance at cinemas, including cautions concerning backpacks, elaborate costumes, and alteration of the "midnight movie" preview. 

Prior to the national terror vigilance for soft targets, Pullman's cinema endured a series of robberies. A bandit held a gun to the head of the manager before making off with the funds. Several more occurred. Police had no suspects. The late Curtis McCall, president/CEO, notified the city that unless the crime spree could be stopped, he would likely shut down the cinema. McCall did not want anyone hurt. During a robbery at Marquee's North Carolina cinema, a member of management was murdered.

Police eventually arrested an assistant manager as one of those involved. He's in prison. 

When Maynard was hired, the still fresh dangers persisted. To paraphrase, Charlotte Alesi, the general manager, received the ultimate commitment from the soon to be hired security guard --- he would protect her (and everyone else) with his life. 

On weekends (and busy periods) , John's usually near the concession watching the front doors as guests enter. He's nearby too in case an employee asks for assistance in an auditorium. 

Maynard's retirement party will be Sunday, September 30 beginning at 5 p.m. 

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